Metal Fabrication

Welcome to MK Montop in Hluk, Czech Republic. MK Montop provides high-quality production with a team of experienced professionals in high quality manufacturing facilities. We can help you from prototype design and production to a unit and small-series production.

We are able to provide you with everything necessary to complete your project. In addition to standard metalworking activities such as cutting, bending, welding, painting and assembly, together with our partner companies, we are able to perform the necessary operations to complete a quality product.

The products surface protection is determined by the customer. Basic activities provided include wet painting, powder coating, galvanic and hot-dip-galvanising.


We cut materials precisely for our production from the supplies of certified suppliers.
We can cut all kinds of solid metal, pipe profiles and sheet metal cutting.

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We are able to provide bending and folding with the highest precision and quality requirements.
We can offer basic operations, shape as well as special bends.

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Machining on standard machines – turning, drilling and boring, milling.
Special types of metalworking are provided through partner companies.

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Our offer includes:

Welding carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium and its alloys, scoring.

Welding pins – bolts, nuts, clips and other assembly parts.

The work is carried out by workers with a valid state welding examination.

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The surface finish of the product is determined by the customer.

We can provide:

  • Wet or powder coating
  • We offer the choice of the type of paint, the required surface structure and the RAL colour. We perform sandblasting on surfaces as part of preparation for coating or as a separate service 
  • Galvanic or hot-dip-galvanising

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Basic product types:

  • steel structures for small halls
  • steel, fire, straight and spiral staircases
  • shelters
  • racks, transport carts, frames


The order is considered to be done after once it has been taken over in our company by the customer, finished by assembly at a designated location or taken over by the shipping company.



MK-MONTOP, s.r.o.
Hlavní 594, 687 25 Hluk

+420 777 581 846