We provide all water supplies and sewerage installations, including the supplying materials according to the customer’s requirements.

Our satisfied customers are the owners of family houses, flats, industrial companies and commercial buildings, for whom we provide:

  • Complete distribution of cold and hot water
  • Distribution of indoor and outdoor drains
  • Supply and installation of hanging toilet systems
  • Installation of all sanitary ceramics, bathtubs, shower enclosures and water taps
  • Supply and installation of electric, gas and solar water heaters
  • Supply and installation of domestic waterworks, pumps and water treatment plants
  • Reconstruction of residential bathrooms and toilets
  • Service and repairs

Distributions are made from quality certified materials. We are also able to adapt to your material requirements (if this is in line with applicable standards).


We provide the installation of all central heating systems, including installation of heat sources, floor heating, radiators and alternative sources.


  • Assembly, disassembly and repairs of central heating systems
  • Floor heating design and installation
  • Reconstruction of gas boilers and heat exchangers
  • Installation and replacement of radiators (steel, cast iron, panel, bathroom ladders)
  • Regulating and thermostatic valves installation
  • Supply and installation of solid fuel boilers, natural gas (conventional, condensing) and electric boilers
  • Supply and installation of circulating pumps
  • Solar systems for heating and hot water heating
  • Heat conduits


Made from copper (Cu), plastic-aluminium (Cosmoflex) or steel as needed.

For underfloor heating, we use system plates with heating sockets (plastic-aluminium pipes) supplied with a heating medium from the floor heating distributor.

Based on our experience spanning for more than 20 years, we are ready to advise you and implement the most advantageous heating for your building.


We provide all work related to gas distribution, gas equipment installation, repairs and reconstruction. 

High quality gas pipelines in accordance with standards and technological procedures prescribed by the manufacturers guarantee a successful revision


  • Gas connections – complete provision of gas pipeline construction (NTL, STL) from design documentation to final approval including transmission to JMP and revision reports  
  • Domestic and industrial gas distributions
  • Reconstruction of gas risers
  • Supply and installation of gas hot-air units
  • Installation of gas boilers of all types and brands (including finishing smoking, revision, training and commissioning)
  • Installation of flow heaters and water storage heaters
  • Complete reconstruction of boiler rooms
  • Revision and pressure testing of gas distribution systems
  • If you haven’t found what you need in the enumeration, feel free to contact us


Comply with valid standards and quality. We work with steel, copper and gas-certified plastics, as required.

Our workers have the necessary certification and valid tests for working with gas.


Enough water for your garden, park, grassy or clay court can be secured with the construction and operation of an automatic irrigation system. Irrigation construction isn’t complicated and depends on your decision whether you have it done for you or build it yourself.

The modern system consists of underground polyethylene piping, electromagnetic valves, electric distributions, valve shafts, control units, rain sensor and pull-down sprinklers that are hidden beneath the terrain. When solenoid valves open the water inlet, the sprayers protrude over the terrain and once the irrigation is finished, they are again inserted into the underground bushings. The programmed central control unit will take care of the whole mode and in case of rain, an automatic rain sensor will be on standby, to temporarily shut down the entire system.


  • Water savings (up to 30%) thanks to even and targeted irrigation
  • Minimising water vapours by watering during the night or morning hours
  • Significant time savings compared to manual watering
  • More efficient way of watering grass and plants and better use of water
  • Automatic irrigation is protected against theft (the system is permanently in the ground)
  • Possibility of splitting irrigation into sections with different irrigation requirements
  • The automatic system will provide you with a fresh and healthy garden
  • Less damage to the lawn (no hoses laying around the garden)
  • Fast return on investment costs
  • Easy operation of the irrigation
  • Higher land value

We offer comprehensive services in the irrigation systems (sales of parts, projection, consultancy and service of TORO, Hunter automatic irrigation systems).


Our company offers using these solar energy possibilities:

  • Solar heating for domestic hot water (DHW)
  • Solar heating

The use of solar energy is clearly the cheapest method for heating domestic water in both households as well as businesses. Although it isn’t possible to rely solely on solar heating, it’s possible to achieve up to 60% of the yearly water consumption to be heated by the sun.

In the summertime with a full-day of sunshine, the standard solar system can heat water from 10 °C to 50 – 60 °C.

In the coldest and least sunny months, water can be heated from 10 °C to 20 °C or more, during all-day bright weather.

Both flat as well as vacuum (tubular) collectors can be used to heat hot water. From an economic point of view, we strongly recommend the use of flat collectors.

The life of the solar equipment as a whole is 25 years. Investing in this type of solar system will pay-off.


The use of solar energy for heating water in the heating system of a house is economically and ecologically advantageous. The possibilities of heating is allowed by solar panels mainly located on the house roof. The panels supplemented with water storage tanks and other elements similar to those known from conventional heating methods form a complete solar system.


  • water
  • heating
  • gas
  • irrigation systems
  • solar systems


The order is considered to be done after once it has been taken over in our company by the customer, finished by assembly at a designated location or taken over by the shipping company.



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